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Due Diligence Services

Diligency matters. In the world of finance, transparency and diligency are the two keywords. BCL India excels in Financial Due Diligence Services related matters and our acute minds are well-trained with various types or Diligence Analysis.

Due Diligence services

As India is growing as a cradle of companies of all sizes in every possible sector, the necessity of practicing Financial Due Diligence Services is becoming a norm. Investors, acquirers and bankers consider Due Deligence as an indispencible tool of standard care during investment, mergers and acquisitions. Due Deligence can be simply briefed as a thorough review and analysis of a company’s financial and accounting records, to identify any potential risks, opportunities, or issues that may impact the value of the company or its ability to meet its financial obligations.

We, at BCL India provide immaculate services in the respected sector on performing financial, taxational and labour law related Due Deligence while keenly analysing financial statements, tax compliance, internal controls, revenue recognition, and cash flow analysis of the concerned entities.

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We Keenly Observe

Our Various Due Diligence Offerings

Financial Due Diligence:

We at BCL unbiasedly and professionally follow the due process of Financial Due Diligence Services in order to analyze the potential risks, shortcomings or opportunities of a company. We are committed to performing a thorough analysis of the entity's accounting and financial positions.

Tax Due Diligence:

We have hands-on experts for analysing the target company's or asset's tax history and compliance, including tax returns, financial statements, and other pertinent records. We can assist in identifying any tax obligations, transfer pricing problems, or tax contingencies that may result from the transaction.

Secretarial Due Diligence:

Under Secretarial Due Deligence, we overview the company's charter documents and other regulatory filings. We meticulously observe the MoMs and share the allotment filings along with grant documents and cap tables. Our experts have experience in analysing vendor contracts, partnership agreements and key employement contacts.

Labour Law Due Diligence:

By adhering to the labour laws, a company can advertize its working culture and effeciency. As our team is particularly trained in auditing the employment contracts and revisions to employment contracts; information about jobs; legal declarations or agreements for termination of employment; satisfaction of the requirement to report to the tax office; adherence to labour law restrictions governing work and rest time etc.

Other Types of Due Diligence Auditing that BCL India Undertakes

Apart from the aforementionned Due Diligence services, we also undertake other types of Diligence auditing requirements such as Environmental Due Diliginice, Operational Due Diligince, Legal and Human Resource Due Diligence. As India is beamoning with innovations, we specialize in IPR Due Diligence as well. Having various clientalle of various sizes, we have the practical understandings of corporate practices that are important for keeping in line with the Deligence requirements for developing healthy corporate practices.

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Importance of Being Diligent

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Speed of Delivery

On spot and on time is a motto of BCL India. We don’t delay in completing the DD’s.


A young and dynamic team of BCL India experts are well-vesred with new-age auditing requirements.

Sector Knowledge

We are not generalists. We allocate dedicated and knowledgable SMEs for every type of Diligince analysis.


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