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Company Secretarial Services

We help you in complying with corporate governance, financial and legal regulations and managing shareholders administration etc. so that you can solely concentrate on the business.

About Company Secretarial Services

Company secretarial are an indispensable component of running a business and cannot be understated. Because of the complexities of these rules and regulations, organisations must have a certified and experienced Company Secretary on their staff. Several Indian enterprises outsource their Company Secretary services to specialist organisations that give expert guidance and help in this regard. BCL India comprises of professionals that assist businesses in meeting their legal and regulatory requirements. We are well-versed in business law, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance. Our array of company secretarial services assists your entities in adhering to excellent corporate governance principles.

Building confidence with stakeholders like as shareholders, workers, and consumers requires good corporate governance. We are committed to assist your businesses in more efficiently managing the entire operations. Companies can save up time and resources by outsourcing these services, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.

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Major CS Services Offered From BCL India

Incorporation Services:

The first and most important service offered by a Company Secretarial Services agency is incorporation services. It entails forming a new corporation, LLP, or partnership firm, which includes collecting the necessary licences and approvals, preparing the memorandum and articles of association, and assuring compliance with all legal requirements.

Compliance Services:

Compliance services are another important service supplied by corporate secretarial companies. Maintaining statutory registers, filing yearly returns, preparing and submitting different forms, compiling and preserving meeting minutes, and ensuring that the firm complies with all applicable rules and regulations are all part of the job.

Secretarial Audit:

Secretarial auditing is the process of examining a company's compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Secretarial audit services are provided by corporate secretarial firms to guarantee that the company is in compliance with the law.

Corporate Governance Services:

Corporate governance services include advising the company on corporate governance issues, such as conducting board and committee meetings, drafting and reviewing governance policies and procedures, and ensuring compliance with the most recent corporate governance standards.

BCL Compliance Health Check

This service is part of a larger spectrum of company secretarial services offered to Indian corporations to maintain legal and regulatory compliance.

It entails a thorough examination of the company’s compliance with different laws and regulations, such as corporate law, labour law, tax law, and other applicable legislation. The evaluation will identify any areas of noncompliance and make recommendations on how to correct them.

It usually include a study of the company’s corporate governance processes, statutory documents, regulatory filings, contracts and agreements, policies and procedures, and employee-related compliance. The compliance health check’s goal is to identify possible compliance concerns and create a road map for corrective action.

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3 Things to Know When Looking For Company Secratory Services in Bangalore


Serving a wide number of Indian and global corporations in corporate advising, taxes, and accounting challenges across many industries and national and international jurisdictions.


In the commercial world, time is one of the most important resources, and deadlines cannot be changed. You won’t have to wait long for anything to get done if you have a skilled firm working for you that uses the most cutting-edge and efficient ways possible.


You will save money and time by outsourcing your company’s secretarial services since your outsourced expert will already have all of the knowledge and credentials needed to execute the specified responsibilities.


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