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Compliance Services

Outsourcing this service enables you with complete management of various compliance requirements. BCL guide you in all the statutory compliances that are enforced by Central and State authorities so that you are out of any non-compliance risk.

About Compliance Service

Compliance is a set of complex legal acquiescence required to be adhered to by organizations. The legal obligations differ with Central or State specific laws depending upon the industry, locations and jurisdictions and they are updated from time to time. Organizations irrespective of their size must adhere to statutory laws and regulations to keep the businesses out of any legal trouble and avoid penalties. Keeping track of changing government norms and regulations is not always easy and is a challenge for most companies.  

The experts at BCL India stay updated with recent legislation and provide end-to-end proficient service regarding registrations, renewals, filing, auditing, reporting, and collation of documents.

Why Use Compliance Service:

How can BCL help you with Compliance Services?


Each organization falls under specific compliance criteria according to its operations and presence. BCL India prepares the necessary documentation and takes care of registration at the earliest possible without getting rejected.

Filing Returns

Filing of returns is mandatory with necessary supporting documents that comply with the regulations. BCL India undertakes all the filings within the specified due dates and time frames that are to be adhered to avoid non-compliance risks.

Filing Refunds

Many of the compliance regulations are associated with benefits that can be claimed by the taxpayer. In such instances, BCL India undertakes timely filing of refund claims with necessary supporting documents ensuring that no working capital is blocked.

Liaison with Authorities​

Our team at BCL India have strong experience and ability to communicate and liaise with authorities in times of special requirements. We represent you to the boards and act as an intermediate while you focus on your business and its growth.

Why Compliance Matters The Most

Stakeholders are taking a substantially greater interest in making sure that the businesses they are affiliated with are compliant in a time of heightened responsibility. Investors, independent directors, and business partners have joined senior leadership in expecting a unified and uniform compliance management approach to assist enforce consistent regulatory compliance and controls processes.

Types of Compliances That We Help With

Our Compliances Support Ranges Across

3 Things to Know When Looking For Compliance Services in Bangalore

Updates on Compliance

The compliance ecosystem is subject to constant changes. Hence, organizations need compliance service providers to stay updated on recent amendments to avoid penalties and enjoy benefits.

Timely Process

Maintaining the due dates and deadlines is one hectic job for organizations and businesses. As far as compliance is concerned, timely filing of documents and returns is a must. Outsourcing compliance services largely help organizations to keep up with the requirements.


Compliances come with heavy penalties like no other. These penalties can cost millions to the organizations while attracting legal actions including termination of operations. To maintain a hassle-free business process, hiring a compliance management agent will help.

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