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The unified “Shram Suvidha” portal ( has been envisaged as a single point of contact between the employer, the employee and enforcement agencies to simplify submission of returns mandated as per Indian Labour Laws and inspection of records.

Employers are under immense pressure to comply with various labour laws, the payment of contributions, and filing of periodic returns,. Further, these compliances have to be repeated for each labour law the organisation is covered by. For example, an organisation has to comply with statutes such as Employees State Insurance Act (ESI), Employees Provident Fund Act (EPF) etc. by accessing their individual websites and fulfil statutory requirements by the due date prescribed. 

Needless to say, these compliances take away much of the employer’s time – that which could have been invested to grow the business and provide further employment. It is also unlikely that the employer would be encouraged to comply with multiple laws. This would also adversely impact employees, as they would not get benefits rightfully due to them. For example, if an employer, out of ignorance or constraints delays registration under the EPF laws, the employee will without doubt, be disadvantaged. 

Understanding the constraints of business owners, the government has introduced the unified Shram Suvidha Portal! The portal allows the employer to identify labour laws applicable to the organisation using simple dropdown options. Here are some screenshots which you might find helpful

For some industries, it is also possible to check the minimum wage by worker’s category. However, it appears that this tool is not updated and we would recommend that you take an expert’s advise before structuring the salary for your employees. The portal also encourages compliance via a single harmonised form. Further, organisations can now use a single registration number – Labour Identification Number or LIN.

To register, follow these steps

  •  Visit the Shram Suvidha website and click on “Registration and License” , then click on “Click here to register” or directly go to 
  • Click on “Registration” and select the compliance under which you want to apply for registration
  • Enter your name, email id and mobile number. You will then get a link to your email; on clicking the link you would be led to a new page where you would need to generate the OTP, this OTP will be received on your registered mobile number,
  • The website then asks you to create a user ID and password.
  • On successful completion of the above steps, you are good to fill your profile and apply for the desired registration online.
  • Labour Identification Number (LIN) will be generated once the application is approved by the portal.
The approval of application for registration is very quick and gets done in less than 1 or 2 working days, sometimes even faster!


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