Start-Up Services

We have curated the following services to aid start-ups with a comprehensive service suite that covers their finance, advisory, documentation, and investment operations

There are 77,000 start-ups in India recognized by Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) and 107 unicorns in the mid of 2022. More than 15,000 start-ups are registered every year.

Indian Government is focused on enhancing start-up ecosystem through continuous measures such as self-certification, faster patents, tax exemptions, easier procurement under of the roof of ‘Startup India’. The amendments in business regulations such as documentations, PR status, eased insolvency procedures, and increased license validity aid start-ups big time.

FDI regulations have been modified to facilitate investments with direct routes in various sectors.

Bangalore, India

Bangalore stands as the start-up hub of India with 1st rank in Innovation Index, 3rd highest number of start-ups globally, 57% of India’s start-up funding, 23%+ of India’s cumulative FDI inflows.

Bangalore is the home for India’s largest unicorns such as Flipkart, Byju’s, Swiggy, Razorpay, Ola, Meesho, Cred, Sharechat, Digit, Unacademy etc.


This is an official contract between the co-founders marking the responsibilities, ownership, and initial investments. Making a founders’ agreement in the initial stage distinguishes the responsibilities or partners for a better growth and eliminates the chance of ambiguity that may arise in the future. BCL India works with you closely and structures a suitable, and clarified agreement that smoothens the organization’s life cycle.


Due diligence is an audit or investigation performed before an acquisition, merger, investment, business partnership, or bank loan. Company due diligence is a prerequisite during the funding rounds to make an informed investment decision and mitigating the associated risks. Our team helps you in carrying out due diligence in tax filing, legal compliance, operational aspects, accounting compliance, and HR.

Cap Table

BCL helps you in managing capitalization table, also known as the Cap Table which is a ledger that analyses the equity capitalization of the company by delineating equity ownership, market capitalization, and market value.

Fund – Raise

Fund-Raising needs number of legal as well as business documents that reflect the investee’s financial and legal health to the investors. Valuation Report, Term Sheet, Stakeholder Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Due-diligence Report, and pitch deck. BCL India helps in furnishing such documents enhancing the chance of investments and ensuring compliance.

Vetting Term Sheet and SHA

When a start-up begins to attract investors, Term Sheet and SHA come into play. A well-furnished Term Sheet throws light on valuation, investor rights, dividend, liquidation, shares, dilution and options pool and acts as a first of line of agreement between the investor and the investee. Which later gets strengthened by SHA (Share Holders’ Agreement) that defines the legal terms of the investment and contains definition, closing date, pre-emptive rights, anti-dilution, liquidation preferences, terms of CCPS etc. We serve you in drafting a perfect Term Sheet and SHA and conducting critical review of documents that align you to legal compliances and protect you from legal consequences and educate you with the nitty-gritty of the terms.

We serve you in drafting a perfect Term Sheet and SHA and conducting critical review of documents that align you to legal compliances and protect you from legal consequences and educate you with the nitty-gritty of the terms.

Investment & Fund raising Advisory

Early and growth stage businesses need Pre-series A to Series D funding. The divisions are, Pre-seed funding: Also called as bootstrap funding which doesn’t have critical valuation. Seed-funding: Product development has already been carried out. Acts as the official first round of getting external investors. Series A to Series D: Once a consistent revenue flow is obtained. To increase product development, expand opportunities, acquire smaller organizations, and carry out mergers.

Our advisory team helps you in all the above-mentioned stages with market research, business plan, pre-screening of documents, negotiations, and deal closure.


Employee Stock Options (ESOP) is an employee benefit plan that provides ownership interest in the company in shares of stock. ESOP gives various tax benefits to the employer and employees making them qualified as plans and can be used by the employers as a corporate finance strategy. BCL India helps you with planning, valuation, legal advisory, compliance, and formation of ESOP trust.