Specialized Services

Virtual CFO Services

Every business needs a CFO of expertise to manage their complete financial planning, analysis, valuation and operations. Hence, we have tailored our virtual CFO services for start-ups who can’t afford a full-time in-house CFO.

Our team takes care of reviewing your books of accounts, ensuring compliance, assisting in preparing management reports, reviewing contracts, determining business values, and tracking KPI etc.

Tax Opinion

Business units in India are subject to several direct tax regulations such as Income Tax Act, including corporate tax, LLP tax, slump sales, business transfer agreements, amalgamations, demergers, start-up investment, ‘angel’ tax, TDS matters, including those applicable to non-residents, employee and ESOP tax etc. and indirect tax regulations such as Goods and Service Tax levied by state and central government.

While compliance is associated with tax regulations, there are several tax benefits taxpayers can avail that are prescribed by the law. We provide you with written opinion on nearly all requirements related to taxation and help you avoid unnecessary taxes while ensuring compliance.

CMA Data and Project Report

CMA Data and Project Report are the detailed documents submitted to bank by businesses to avail loan. These reports elaborate on the information about the project that is proposed to be undertaken along with financial projections. A proper and accurate preparation of these documents is critical in the eligibility of the business to get the loan.

Our expert team comprising ex-bankers help you prepare a report that is complete in all aspects such as project’s viability, asset purchase details, proposed loan and interest schedule, financial projections, cash flow statements, key ratio analysis, and loan eligibility analysis.

Slump Sale Advisory

Slump Sale is the common method of transferring business where a single price is assigned to the business unit that covers all assets and liabilities rather than individual pricing. Since improper execution exposes the parties to tax consequences, judicial clarity is much needed.

At BCL India, our expert team of chartered accountants and company secretaries help you in strategizing the transaction, preparing the sale agreement, computing capital gains tax, analyzing tax impact, issuing chartered accountant’s certificate, recording transactions, stamping the agreement, and reporting to statutory authorities.

Business Transfer Advisory

Business units that undergo transfer of its assets and liabilities on account of reorganization, subsidiary establishment, acquisition, or cross-border restructuring must execute a Business Transfer Agreement containing the details of assets and liabilities, the terms of such transfer, considerations, and restrictions placed on the buyer.
Our team helps you in proper execution of Business Transfer Agreement avoiding disputes between parties and tax consequences.
We help you in strategizing the transaction, preparing the transfer agreement, tax planning, obtaining clearance, recording the transactions, stamping the agreement, and reporting to statutory authorities.