Small & Medium Enterprises.
The financial backbone of India!

The study of India’s growth would be incomplete without the study of its SMEs. Over 90% of the industrial units in India are owned by the SME sector. Its workforce is second only to that of agriculture & it contributes nearly 50% of India’s export.

The success of SMEs is even more astounding given that their access to resources – skilled labour, capital, finance or marketing tools – is limited. Governments in the past, & those in the present are doing their best to remove hurdles in the way of their growth. Much has been done; much more has to be done.

BCL India wholeheartedly supports SMEs & every initiative that helps them grow. This page is our dedication to India’s ‘small’ giants! We shall present news, articles and government policies relevant to SMEs through this page.

We would also request you to email your feedback/questions to us – we would be delighted to be of your assistance.

Does my business
qualify as SME?

Both manufacturers and service providers qualify as SMEs. This depends on their investment in plant and equipment

MSME Certificate

Benefits to SME

All about MSME-1

How BCL helps SMEs.

SME certification
MSME Certification
Eligible small businesses can apply online to obtain MSME registration. Registration takes 5 minutes!

Investment cap for qualification of manufacturers is as follows
Micro - upto Rs. 25 lakhs
Small - upto Rs. 500 lakhs
Medium - upto Rs. 1,000 lakhs

Limit shall be Rs. 10, Rs. 200 and Rs. 500 lakhs respectively for service providers


What do you need?

Only entrepreneurs having valid Aadhaar number can apply for registration. All business structures qualify.

Benefits to SMEs
Benefits to SMEs
Should you consider registration? What benefits will your business enjoy post registration?

SMEs can borrow funds from banks without collateral up to a sum of Rs. 200 lakhs. Though unsecured, these loans come with competitive interest rates.
In addition, SMEs benefit from protection under law vis-a-vis their receivables. The MSMED Act mandates that all dues to SMEs should be settled within 45 days. Delays beyond this date attract penal interest.

enforcing timely collections

45 day limit under MSMED

SMEs run on thin margins. Delays in collections causes severe stress. Thus, MEMED forces customers to pay within 45 days or cough up penal interest (3X of RBI rates!)

All about MSME-1
What is MSME-1
Latest drive by MCA enforcing half-yearly reporting of SME dues.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) requires all companies that owe money to SMEs beyond 45 days to report the quantum of dues with reasons for delay through Form MSME-1. This half-yearly return requires reporting of SME over-dues on 30-Sept. and 31-Mar. of each year.

MSME-1 Compliance

What companies should do?

Companies should first start identifying MSME vendors. Close review of SME payables is the need of the hour.
No SME dues = No MSME-1 filing

How BCL can help
How we can help you!
We work closely with several SMEs and understand your challenges. We would like to help you overcome them!

Our experience with SMEs tells us how important cashflows, how thin profit margins are and how fierce the competition in the industry is. We would be delighted to put our experience to play to help your business succeed - be it by preparing a project report for you or getting your collateral free loan!

Feel free to reach out to us. It would be our privilege to serve you!

Our charges for sme registration

Rs. 0

Yes! You read that right! BCL India shall obtain your SME registration certificate for FREE. What are you waiting for? Write to us today!

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