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Are you looking for a suitable way to take your business to the United States? Well, then the EB-5 Visa Program may be a great way to achieve this goal. But you might be wondering “how do I take the EB-5 route to US immigration without encountering any major hassles?” This is exactly the question that we will answer for you here in this article.

If you are considering immigrating to the US, read on.

Step 1. Organize the investment

First, if you happen to be a foreign investor (i.e. you are not a registered U.S. citizen), then there are certain prerequisites which you must fulfil in order to take the EB-5 route to the land of opportunity. You must be able to make an investment of at least $1 million or greater. Or, if you are looking at settling down in the US countryside or in areas of low employment, an investment of $500,000 should be enough. This capital must have been acquired through legal means and you should be aware that it is subject to market risks just like your investments in the stock markets.

Step 2. Generate employment

Then, you have to use this investment to produce a minimum of 10 full-time jobs for American citizens. This has to pass the mandatory legal obligations of the USCIS for it to be considered a valid case of generated employment.

Step 3. Apply for the I-526 with help from an immigration specialist

Then comes the main EB-5 US immigration application process. USCIS assesses your overall eligibility to decide the status of your I-526 application. In order to make your application as watertight as possible, we suggest that you consult a US immigration lawyer or firm and use their help to file this application.

Step 4. Apply for a green card (I-485)

After this, if your I-526 application gets the USCIS approval, you have to take the help of your lawyer for filing the necessary documents to obtain your conditional green card (I-485). If this step also passes smoothly and you get your conditional green card, then ask your lawyer to file an I-829 petition to the USCIS. We strongly recommend this as it will eliminate the hindrances that you may face in getting your permanent green card by doing away with all it’s possible conditions or obligations. Finally, if you are able to fulfil all the required formalities to the letter, then you will become a legal US permanent resident through the green card. This should not take more than a minimum of 5 years to be completed.

The EB-5 route is known as one of the quickest available ways by which you can immigrate and settle down in the U.S. on a permanent basis. With this route, you and your qualified family members will get access to exclusive benefits and privileges in the US, the nature of which is determined to some extent by your country of birth.


If you are actively considering the EB5 route to US immigration and want to get in-depth information on the same, then visit Harjit Singh’s Quora Page for all the answers to your questions.. You can also visit EB5 or write to us through bclindia.in/contact/. We would be glad to be of your assistance.

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