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International Taxation

Utilize our experienced services in cross-border scenarios, transactions, analysis, reporting, and risk management in India's complex and dynamic regulatory and tax environments to accelerate your company's growth and increase your opportunities.

About International Taxation Service

Multinational companies doing business in India must contend with a variety of management and tax restrictions, increasing reporting requirements, and sophisticated revenue authorities. Any company must be aware of these changes, advancements, and ensuing problems in order to realise its full potential.

We give you with devoted service and knowledgeable consulting in international and cross-border legislation since we are aware of the difficulties that firms encounter in this complicated tax environment.  Our service aims to lessen tax burden, boost cash flow, ensure compliance with current tax rules, and protect you from related dangers.

Advisory, studies, certifications, registrations, reporting, taxation, and compliance are all included in our comprehensive package of foreign taxation services, all of which are geared at providing clients with real value.

Why Use International Taxation Service:

Complete Documentation Service

Compliance Filings & Report Generation

Operational Advisory

Assistance with Representation

Transfer Pricing Advisory & Study

Master File & Country by Country reporting (CbCR)

Withholding of taxes on Outward remittances

Tax Residency Certificate (TRC)

Foreign PAN Application
ITR Filing – Non-Residents

TDS on Properties for a Non-Resident Seller

Taxation of Expatriate

Equalization Levy

How can BCL help you with International Transaction Services ?

Registration & Submissions

Organizations who want to register for international transactions and taxation are required to submit a number of applications and supporting documentation. You can prepare these documents for certificates, registrations, licences, and PANs with the assistance of BCL India while minimising the likelihood of rejection.

Compliance Filings & Reporting

Depending on their revenue and worth, organisations that engage in cross-border transactions should have master files and compliance files. These are legal requirements for both national and international organisations. We assist you in providing and maintaining the required paperwork to keep you in compliance.

Advisory Services

We also offer solution-based economic analysis, dispute resolution, and tax clarification, in addition to strategic guidance on compensation models that correspond with value chains.

3 Things to Consider When Looking For International Transaction Services in Bangalore

Knowledge of the Subject

Regulations governing international transactions and transfer pricing are very different from those governing the typical domestic tax system. To manage the process without causing the firm any financial, time, or value losses, specialised competence in international transaction and pricing is required.

Holistic Service

To successfully complete the transfer of interest, the transfer pricing process entails a complex set of steps. Your peace of mind is guaranteed by an outsourced service provider who has the skills to do analysis, advising, and documentations for registrations and compliance.

Reliable Advisory

In transfer pricing and international taxation, advisory services are essential. Effective business planning, financial modelling, tax structuring, and compliance all depend on it.

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