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We deliver tailored solutions for your business incorporation by understanding your business expectations, the service area, size, and presence. The process involves incorporation as a legal entity and obtaining specific licensing based on the business activities carried out.

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India is fast becoming a global leader in business. We are the 6th largest economy and boast of consumer base unlike any in the world! None of this would have been possible without amazing people like yourself who wish to invest in India. So thank you! Thank you for your faith in us. We promise you that India will not let you down!

If you are reading this, we know that you want to set up your dream venture in India. You must have heard many things about doing business in India (psst! we know not all that you’ve heard is great 🙂) So we know that you are bursting with questions! Worry not for BCL India is here to help.

In the following sections we shall help you understand

  • Why choose India as your preferred business destination & what’s so special about Bangalore?
  • Starting a Business – Want to set Up a Private Limited Company in India?
  • What are the steps involved in setting up a subsidiary in India?
  • What should you do once your subsidiary is set up in India?

We, at BCL India, would be delighted to help you with any further questions that you may have. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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Our Services

As part of our high quality service, we'd like to offer something extra too.

Entities looking to setup their operations in India will have to register as one of the following legal entities approved by Indian Government: LTD, LLP, LO, BO, PLC. In addition, they have to undergo licensing and other associated process that are deemed to be fit.







Every entity in India should have a unique name. Where the Indian unit is a subsidiary of a foreign company, the name of the parent company should be the name of the company. The Registrar of Companies could reject the name in account of its familiarity or similarity with other companies which leads into additional costs and delays. We help you choose a unique name saving your cost and time.

MoA and AoA

Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA) are the formal documents that govern the operational framework of an entity furnished by the stakeholders during the incorporation. We help you in laying down the suitable framework for your business and file e-MoA and e-AoA for you.


Permanent Account Number (PAN) is the tax identification number used to file income taxes whereas Tax Deductor and Collector Number (TAN) is an identification number used to deposit taxes withheld from payments. We provide services in PAN and TAN acquisition from end-to-end.


Entities in India have a mandate to appoint directors who manage the operations of the company. Directors of organization should possess Director Identification Number (DIN) and a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). BCL India helps you in acquiring these registrations on-time.


Foreign Direct Investments don’t need prior approval from Govt. of India in most sectors. However, post-facto declarations would be required. Unlike FDI, borrowing from outside of India is referred to as External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) which requires prior approval. We help you in furnishing required documents and ensure the entire compliance spectrum.

Other Registrations

In addition, operational registrations with regard to taxations, employee management, trade etc. are needed. Professional Tax, Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance, Goods & Services Tax and Import Export Code are the major licenses. We help you in obtaining the required licenses without hassle.