GST Services

GST is a fairly complex issue and its introduction has changed the way businesses function. You can always refer to content on the web, but, here in BCL India, we do our best to minimise the complication to basic strategy views which can be used by business owners.

GST is an indirect tax that is levied on both goods and services. All businesses whose supplies exceed the threshold prescribed by the Act will have to mandatorily register under this law. Businesses can claim input credit on the purchases made and offset them against the GST payable on the sales they make. The law also requires every registered supplier to file returns on periodic basis.

BCL India’s GST consultants in Bangalore will provide wide range of services to their clients. We can help you manage your periodic compliances. We can help you structure your business the right way to take maximum benefit of the GST law. We also provide our advisory services on case to case basis if you have any specific questions to answer.

Companies from different profile come at the different stage of the business lifecycle. Your business might be small right now maybe a startup or maybe a firm in its growth phase. We are here to assist you all. BCL India aims to serve companies and build a strong relationship that will last for many years to come.