Accounting, Payroll And Compliance


Accounting Services

We take care of end-to-end accounting process from passing entries, maintaining books, processing bills and managing the software to analyzing the transactions and delivering reports. In addition, tax and provision adjustments, year-end reconciliations and accounts finalization will be carried out. Our goal is to make sure that the crucial information is readily available on the tip of your finger and the non-compliance is nullified.

Regulations & Compliance

Accounting system of organizations is regulated by GAAP and IFRS on the international level and several compliance laws by state and central government of India. We make sure all the records and accounting functions are in adherence to the requirements and eliminate non-compliance risks which leads to penalties and legal proceedings.

Management Information System Report

Our management reporting undertakes the documentation and analysis of the financial affairs of your business that includes income statements, balance sheet, cash flow statements, profit & cost reporting, KPI dashboards, and commentaries. We are dedicated to provide reliable, customized, and engaging reports that enhances the visibility to overall performance and helps you with strategy.

Software Based Accounting

The legacy paper-based accounting systems are long gone with the huge volume of data and the adoption of E-Systems by authorities both locally and globally. Hence, we have adopted modernized cloud-based systems to meet the necessity for accurate, timely, and enhanced accounting capability.

Payroll & Labour Compliance

Payroll Management

Our payroll management covers payroll processing including attendances, allowances, special payments, salaries, and F&F settlements, reimbursement, leave management, ERP consultancy, tax deductions and insurance. We undertake all the mentioned process from our end while you focus on your business operations.

Document Services

Documentations involve the agreement between the employer and the employee, the written regulations both should follow, policies of the organizations in regard to the employee activities and welfare. BCL India helps with furnishing such documents that enhance employee-employer relationship and abide the labour regulations of the jurisdiction.

Reporting & Analytics

We prepare effective reporting & analytics in payroll system that provides cost, variance, and trend analysis which helps in the identification of leaking areas, provides cost-cutting measures and supports the planning of future workforce.

Tax Advisory

There are several tax regulations on income levied upon organizations by both state and central government. BCL India helps you with such tax computations, deduction methods and tax planning in payroll expenses that eventually provides a compliant and firm tax structure to your organization.

Compliance Services

Labour compliance is governed by a set of labour acts by both state and central authorities of India for the welfare of employees in the areas of salaries, insurance, rights, and safety. We make sure your labour management abides all the regulations and stays compliant to avoid penalties and legal actions.